Sunday, August 14, 2005

Guide To Find Your Type of Girl Around Town

Depends on what kind of chicks u r looking for: 1) Teenage chicks with lots of skin to bare who prefer to dance the whole night and would most likely have a Mat Motor boyfriend: Shadows (Bangsar) 2) Classier chicks with velvet gowns and can dance, not any dance, but Salsa : Q-Ba at Westin Hotel (Bintang Walk) 3) International school chicks (white chicks/jap-chicks/exotic looking chicks) who love to drink : Mezza (formerly T-Club Bangsar) 4) Working chicks who are looking for love : Bar Flam (Bangsar) 5) 'God-fearing' chicks who play carrom from Bangsar Gospel Centre : Coffee Bean / Star Bucks i.e. any coffee place in town whose average price is around RM10 for a cuppa (this weeds out all the coffee shops in Lucky Gardens) (Bangsar) 6) Hard-core biker chicks or the opposite.. Tudung chicks : mamak stalls in front of the food court previously known as Jolly Green Giant (Bangsar) 7) Chicks who are dating guys who are already married / guys who wanna be girls : Red Chamber (Bangsar) 8) Malaysian girls who speak with a British/American/Aussie/Rojak accent who think they are BBC/BBI/BBM(u know wat I mean) and are looking for a boyfriend who has blonde hair and drinks 'Snake Bite Black': Finnegans (Bangsar) 9) Malaysian girls who speak with a British/American/Aussie/Rojak accent who think they are BBC/BBI/BBM who have already found a boyfriend from Finnegans : Telawi Street Bistro (Bangsar) 10) Girls who look like boys who like girls who look like girls: Seasons Pool Club (Bangsar) 11) Paula Malai Ali type of chicks: The Social (Bangsar) 12) White chicks with white boyfriends/husbands (who also have tan-skinned girlfriends from Beach Club/Thai Bar etc.) : La Bodega (Bangsar) 13) Chicks that have rich boyfriends and like expensive red wines: Grappa / Wine Bar Heritage Row 14) Chicks that have poor boyfriends and want a taste of western food : McDonald's / Burger King Bangsar 15) Party chicks that think they're so happening they don't mind sweating in a firetrap for 4 hours: Passion 16) Hip-hop chickas who know someone who knows someone who's having a pissup/birthday party and they can avoid cover charge: Nouvo / Sangria 17) Pill-popping chicks and they're drug-induced boyfriends: Atmosphere / Carlos 18) Pill-popping chicks who don't want to go out with "playaz" but suddenly find themselves trying to grab the attention of the "playaz": Bliss 19) Feng Tau chicks : not sure but we think its the old Emporium or K Club 20) Capati chicks who are already betrothed to some distant cousin on their father's orders : Dhol, Bangsar. 21) Beautiful popping chicks with very little clothing & supposedly gangsters boyfriends : TBR KL 22) Beautiful model chicks or wannabes with cheeky friends in tow who can hold their drinks : Velvet Contributed: Zaira, Kartina, Ziber Re-edited: Jd


n.emator said...

old Emporium - Espanda

n.emator said...

btw, The Social is kind of dead now. Bleaaahh. I think there was some staff changes or something.

Dilip Mutum said...

One of the most funny things I read in quite sometime. And most of it is true to some extent.